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SocialSpark Description

 SocialSpark is an advertising program run by the company IZEA and CEO Ted Murphy that allows advertisers to connect with bloggers for promotional opportunities. Through this program, advertisers can offer to pay bloggers for promoting their products or services on their blogs. Participating bloggers can earn in a variety of ways, including commissions on sales and direct pay for promotional posts.

SocialSpark Detailed Overview

There are a lot of programs that bring online businesses together with bloggers so the former can get exposure and the latter can make money. SocialSpark seems to be somewhat unique among these programs in that a large number of its opportunities for bloggers are in the form of affiliate or pay-per-click earnings. When you sign up as a participating blogger on SocialSpark, you first need to have your blog approved by the program administration. There are the normal rules, such as no porn and no objectionable content, and beyond this the blog should be interesting, timely, and it should get decent traffic. When an advertiser is looking for exposure on a participating blog, they submit the opportunities to the marketplace section of SocialSpark, and bloggers can look them over and decide if they want to take advantage of them. Advertisers specify if what they are posting is an affiliate, cost-per-click, pay-per-post or link-trade opportunity. An affiliate opportunity will pay a commission to the blogger if they promote the advertiser’s product or service on their page and someone purchases from the link they provide. A CPC opportunity will pay a commission to the blogger if someone clicks on the advertiser’s link in their blog. The pay-per-post and link-trade opportunities are more along the lines of what most of these programs offer, and are fairly self-explanatory. There are also sponsorship opportunities where the advertiser pays the blogger daily for featuring their business on their blog. SocialSpark acts as the broker between advertisers and bloggers, so they get their cut. This program is a great way for both sides to find what they need, though. It can save advertisers and bloggers a lot of time and everyone can profit. I t's the best method we've found that anyone can use to earn income online.Click here to learn more!

SocialSpark Reputation

SocialSpark is a fairly new program, and so far the feedback has been mostly good. Administrators of the program seem to be working hard to help it run smoothly, and advertisers and bloggers alike are appreciating this. People report that they are benefitting from this program, so odds are good that it will stand the test of time.
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