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Bidvertiser is online pay per click advertisement that enables advertisers to create awareness to their products and services, and also enables publishers to make money from their websites or blogs on per click basis.

Bidvertiser is almost the same with Google AdSense; the only difference is their minimum payout. Google's AdSense minimum payout is $100 while bidvertiser is $10 and that makes it more interesting than Google AdSense.

How does it work?
Just display the bidvertiser text ads on your website or blog and get paid for every unique click, have the payment directly to your PayPal account or send to you by cheque.

Bidvertiser online pay per click program is fast and easy way for publishers of all sizes to make money from their website or blog. The program is free to join and the pay you for valid clicks on the ads on your website or blog.

How to customize bidvertiser ads on your blogger account?
You will first register to bidvertiser and submit your site information, like the title and the address of your website or blog.
To customize ads, login to your bidvertiser account and click on "template", choose the ads format and update.

To get the code, click on "get a code" a page will open in a new window with the code, copy and paste the code in your website or blog.

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser
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